Who is Constantin?

He holds a Ph.D. Sociology and an M.Ed, an entrepreneur, who has worked in cryptocurrency, and digital assets since 2012. He is the Founder of Adwivo, Co-Founder of BullPerks world’s first decentralized venture capital and multichain. And GamesPad, incubation of the BullPerks team – gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem.

He assisted Wave Financial, a digital asset management firm with $1.5 billion in assets under management, in its role as managing director. Additionally, he is also a partner in BitBull Capital, the first cryptocurrency hedge fund in the world.

He is the author of the podcast "Holistic Investment with Constantin Kogan", where you can find him sharing insightful stories and interviews with known people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Angel Investor to:
Awarded as 2020 Hackernoon contributor of the year -Cryptocurrency Investment
He is a frequent host of GamesHub, BullCaster, NFT Events & talk shows.
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Holistic Investment
Dan Morehead
CEO & Founder of Pantera Capital
Tim Draper
VC Investor, and Founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Sebastien Borget
Co-founder and COO of Sandbox
Apolo Ohno
Partner at Tribe Capita
William Entriken
Eric Ly
Founder of Hub - Human Trust Protocol and Co-founder of LinkedIn
Michael Saylor
Founder of Microstrategy
Brock Pierce
Co-founder of Block.one
Fabian Vogelsteller
Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner at Dragonfly Capital
Peng Zong
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The Future of Web3 in the USA w/ Jason Kamen
Episode #18 of the most anticipated talk show by BullPerks, a decentralized venture capital and launchpad. Meet our guest: Jason Kamen — CEO of Quantum Events, Producer of Quantum Miami
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