2021 Record-Breaking DeFi, NFT and E-Sports Game

JD Salbego, a global leader in blockchain, crypto assets, tokenized securities, & Defi gave an outstanding interview talking about his most recent product – AnRKey X™ – a Defi & Esports-based gaming for playing, purchasing, staking NFTs, and winning rewards. The protocol platform is a decentralized finance gaming platform exchange (gDEX) that has been designed to create a new leading industry – money sports, aka m$ports.

Besides this breathtaking invention, the AnRKey X CEO, Founder, and Art Director goes into today’s generation values, Arcade coin, Uniswap, and the future of the project.

Highly recommended!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!



03:52 – The Anarchy definition, and how Satoshi, philosophy, and chaos have helped create a mind-blowing product
06:31 – The demand for the Pokemon, NFT, and other components
09:57 – ANRKey ecosystem and values of the today’s humanity and youth
12:38 – The guide and strategies on applying the game card
17:15 – The four models of NFTs; eSports; money sports space establishment; Arcade Coin
20:40 – Consensus mechanism; why AnR users buy NFT card; million transactions price decrease to 10 cents
25:55 – UniSwap, AnR X USD and AnR X E Pools, TIER 1, TNA eSports Launching
30:07 – How to stake 300K% APY/hour
34:28 – The future events in Q2-Q4 2021; game certificate, and Public Beta test campaign
37:52 – Life purpose, regrets, misery, and meaning of money