A bet on Bitcoin SV: “Short BTC, long BSV”

The managing partner of Unbounded Capital describes his first steps into the crypto world, the further journey and why he has decided to start a hybrid model of crypto and venture hedge fund.

Zachary, as one of the youngest players in the industry, explains what inspired him to build the structure between venture and hedge fund, how he turned out to be so resilient back in not the best year to build a fund – 2018 – when the majority of the funds kept competing, believeing in the boost of cryptocurrencies, and eventually bankrupted.

More tips, advice, and even lifehacks are addressed in the video. Better check it now!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!



1:05 – How Zach got into Bitcoin
12:27 – How did the team pivot to becoming a BSV focused fund
18:45 – Views on Craig Wright & his claim to be Satoshi
31:08 – Vision and the development of the BSV community
38:51 – What are the core values & of Unbounded Capital
45:52 – Types of projects building on BSV the fund interested in
50:46- Why the Lightning Network isn’t a viable scalability solution for BTC
53:53 – Some specific projects within the BSV ecosystem
57:18 – An opinion on Bitcoin as a hedge & he plan to manage risk going into BTC halving