A bet on exceptional immigrant entrepreneurs

Great interview with Semyon Dukach, Managing Partner at One Way Ventures. The venture capital fund backing exceptional immigrant tech founders for building great companies like Brex, Momentus Space, and Chipper Cash.

Semyon has been investing in startups mostly in the Boston area, for 30 years now. He always wanted to be able to be creating a brand from scratch. And it makes total sense because he worked on virtual reality at IBM research in the late ’80s; developed an early internet payment protocol in ’91 at MIT; led one of the MIT blackjack teams to beat the casinos in the early ’90s, and did many other truly inspiring things.

See the video to hear more!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!



02:05 – Why Semyon invests in immigrant-founded start-ups only
13:47 – Is physical location important for businesses in the Covid era
20:22 – What is the minimum to take in a company if there is any
30:13 – The power of investing in people
42:11 – Pre-seed stage companies: examples of investing
57:40 – Suggestions on LP investment
1:03:49 – What are the partial exits for some LPs
1:07:31 – About secondary market capacity