A Deep Dive into AI, Cybersecurity, and ESG

Navigating the Future: Insights on Cybersecurity, AI, and Sustainable Investment with Cristina Dolan | Hosted by Constantin Kogan 

Join Constantin Kogan as he engages in a riveting conversation with Cristina Dolan, a renowned expert in the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and sustainable investment. In this insightful interview, Cristina shares her valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on businesses and society.

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01:22 Cristina’s crypto journey
08:22 How did Cristina cope with all the pressure?
12:16 What is the core message in the book?
22:32 Where to begin to accomplish such success?
27:43 Practical advice for young startups
30:20 Practical cybersecurity tools and budget
36:29 How can organizations protect themselves?
41:39 Top 3 major risks in cybersecurity
43:07 How did Cristina become the face of Fiverr?
46:32 Meaning of life to Cristina