A tale of early stage Blockchain/Fintech and 13 Unicorns

A Chairman of CAH and Securitize (Europe) and Vice Chairman of SFOX. Investing in internet companies, cloud computing and networking, fintech, video game, and virtual reality industries is what Matthew has been doing primarily for decades now. He also tells an exciting story of Alison and him joining the crypto space once and forever.

The guest confesses whether he owns Bitcoins or not and explains why he does not have private keys for any assets. The co-founder and managing partner of Fifth Era deeply touches on the world’s leading blockchain venture fund of funds.

Matthew shares some essential tips and advice for those who intend to establish a family business within the crypto industry or simply run a few digital asset businesses along with life partners.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!



11:00 – Basic steps and things to know for beginners in the industry
17:54 – How to combine family office and funds management
25:56 – Brief summary of the “Blockchain Competitive Advantage” book
29:48 – The concept behind the “Fifth Era” book
37:45 – The idea behind the “Ministry of Bitcoin” book
42:22 – Matthew shares an “investor story”
49:25 – Why financial advisors come up with less risky portfolio