Advanced Yield Farming strategies: Wrapped Bitcoin (BTC) + Ether (ETH)

Parul gets into the responsibilities of entrepreneurs, what has brought him to decentralized finance, what snowball is, and why it is crucial for usage.

The guest covers his background and journey into crypto, the main point of the ySNOW token, the difference between Defi and TradFi, and his meaning of life.

High-yield farming strategies include security, quick and easy access, efficient depositing, and growth.

How to reach those #goals? Watch the video till the end and share your insights with us in the comment below.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Ether-ETH-w-Parul-Gujral-etg8vs


1:17 – Patul’s background and journey into crypto
3:45 – How many token pairs does Snowball has for traders
6:00 – What are the risks in DeFi
8:59 – What drives the high yield
17:50 – ySNOW token
19:40 – How to obtain WBTC
24:50 M- inting token at Ren vs Coinlist
27:20 – Derivative of a derivative of a derivative
32:05 – Earning several layers of yield
34:50 – How is APY paid out
36:30 – Is there any risk of losing your Bitcoin while doing this
38:35 – DeFi vs TradFi
57:30 – Legal compliance that needs to be followed
58:30 – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
1:01:20 – Where is DeFi heading
1:05:01 – Patul’s meaning of life