BarnBridge: Tokenized Risk Protocol

If you’re looking for cool “fintechy” terms, an explanation of risk tokenization, and clarification of what risky asset means, watch the video and let us know what you think about BarnBridge.

Tyler stresses the core reason – smart contract risks and the existence of it in general – for traditional investors who believe that the crypto market is junk. However, the risk of being hacked and financial risk are two different concepts.

Why Bitcoin is not a productive asset, how commodities function, and much more. Be the first who watches the video on the website!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-eou8l7


2:05 – Various risks in crypto
8:15 – The 2 risks that are able to be tokenize
11:10 – IF-THEN statements in money
14:55 – Splitting money into different representations
18:30 – Trenching out risk in beta fluctuation
21:10 – Why fixed income is the most traded
28:40 – Example of how we tokenize ETH at $1200
35:10 – Types of pools in Barnbridge
44:20 – The Launch DAO
49:05 – Risks and rewards in Barnbridge pools
55:05 – Discord bot
1:00:10 – Proof of capital mechanism
1:09:00 – Uniswap and automated market makers (AMM)
1:20:00 – Risks in YFI
1:24:05 – What Liquidity Providers (LPs) should know about AMMs
1:25:03 – Tyler’s meaning of life and why he does this on a personal level