Bitcoin as a Legal Tender, USDT, and Digital Banks

↳ Number nine on Forbes’ first-ever List of Cryptocurrency’s Wealthiest People.
↳ co-founder to raise EOS token to $4 billion via ICO.
↳ The journey of becoming Bitcoin Foundation Chairman in 2014.
↳ Visiting El Salvador with a business delegation.
↳ Tether (USDT) creator.
↳ Digital banks establisher.
↳ Visionary.
↳ Opportunist.
↳ Businessman.
↳ Community builder. 
↳ Life purpose.

And the list is not even over. Want to hear what else Brock Pierce shares in the interview? Don’t miss it!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–USDT–Digital-Banks–and-much-more–w-Brock-Pierce–Constantin-Kogan-e14gi1a


02.41 – Meeting El Salvador government to educate about Bitcoin’s positive impact
07.24 – Ways to support the movement in El Salvador 
10.30 – The next country to accept cryptocurrency 
13.11 – The latest news in New York and Miami
18.45 – What’s been going on in Puerto Rico 
23.02 – About USDT and why people should stop comparing Bitcoin to Stablecoin
30.53 – Brock’s plans and insights 
37.38 – The guest’s investment approach and what drags his attention in crypto projects 
41.25 – Life purpose and drive of Brock’s 
43.24 – The entrepreneur’s predictions for crypto trends in the following years