Blockchain as Part of New York’s Future

A Democratic candidate for New York City Comptroller position, Reshma Patel, discusses the following issues:

  • How she has become interested in crypto;
  • Her duties as the NYC Controller;
  • Role of crypto and blockchain networks in the city;
  • Her “future proof” project idea for investing 1%-3% of the city pension funds into crypto;
  • What crypto vehicles are worth investing in;
  • What real-world issues blockchain tech solves in NYC, and more.

The guest stresses that the COVID-19 crisis has revealed how immensely NYC needs innovative blockchain policies. One of the methods is to explore the benefits of blockchain technologies which is also crucial for the local retirees’ pension protection and broken procurement system resolution.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-e10misr


02:07 – Reshma about her passion and contribution to the NYC
05:42 – The vision of NYC flourishing in the crypto space
08:22 – Reshma’s approaches to bit license policy improvement
11:16 – Why European regulators are losing the battle
13:02 – The role of Comptroller
15:22 – When do pension funds start allocating to Bitcoin?
17:48 – How to inspire New Yorkers to return to the city?
20:47 – NY closed businesses restore
22:42 – Suggestions for more agile business risk management
29:19 – An approximate forecast on the NY economy for the near 5 years
32:22 – What would incentivize big businesses to get back to NY
34:04 – Same for small and medium-sized firms
36:24 – Book recommendations about NY
37:28 – Reshma’s meaning of life