Blockchain Venture Capital Fund of Funds

Beginning with a general context of life background, Brooke tells about starting capital in the institutional LP world with the accent on private markets, family office consultancy, getting into blockchain space, building secondary business, and more.

Brooke and his team always had that interest in innovation, technology, and start-ups at Greenspring, Venture Capital Investment Platform. He mostly has been making the most out of software, cloud, e-commerce.

The guest is ready to share the experience of investing in closed and blockchain funds, and the growth stage of start-ups.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!


01:22 – Why Brooke decided to join the crypto industry
06:15 – The process of a venture fund due diligence
11:45 – How to identify a potential fund to invest in
23:40 – Why Oregon State to carry a fund?
31:36 – The pain points of investors these days
40:09 – How to track the market and book recommendations from the guest
45:46 – About skepticism on long-term investments nowadays