Building a new Internet of Web 4.0

Financial architect and creator of #PlasmaDLT, Illia Maksimenka, is happy to inform the crypto world about the blockchain for decentralized finance, payments, and banks.

The Plasma Distributed Ledger Technology is a public blockchain that merges security, supporting smart contracts and scalability. The ledger scales in terms of speed and data storage optimization with operating expenses of nodes and minimum transaction fees. The infrastructure is available for dApps, financial apps, and game developers. And it is at no cost.

Go watch the video or listen to the podcast with the incredible founder, investor, and Defi engineer, Illia!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!


1:02 – Ilia’s background and journey into crypto
4:50 – How many users using PlasmaPay as payment gateway
6:50 – What are users spending on when using PlasmaPay?
10:05 – Regulations required for Plasma
13:40 – 4 types of stablecoins
16:40 – PPAY token
26:10 – Is it identical to Zapper and Zerion?
44:40 – Security audit
46:10 – Is insurance an option
52:39 – Ilia’s expectations for the near future
58:20 – Meaning of life for Ilia
59:08 – Book recommendations