Building the Future of NFTs with Rarible Co-Founder

Join me in an enlightening conversation with Alexander Salnikov, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Rarible, one of the leading NFT marketplaces that’s shaping the future of digital ownership and Web3 products.

Dive deep into the world of NFTs as we discuss Rarible’s impressive trajectory, including their user-friendly platform that has facilitated over $300 million in NFT transactions, attracted over a million users, and boasts a significant social media following.

Check out the interview to see what else Alexander opens up about!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Hosted-by-Constantin-Kogan-e2bmd8s


01:38 Alex’s crypto journey
07:21 What was the inspiration for the Rarible establishment?
14:21 What should people pay attention to now?
17:42 Top 3 NFT utilities
20:21 Will JPEGs cease in their existence?
22:52 Risk management in the NFT space
24:59 How to protect your assets?
28:10 Aggregator recommendations
29:32 How to identify a legit NFT collection?
31:11 What do people verify when they check the box?
31:55 About copyright
33:10 How does Rarible deal with cyberhacking?
35:09 Why Rarible doesn’t incorporate some of the chains
37:48 A secret tool that attracts more audience
41:08 Rarible X
44:08 Pricing for creating marketplace within the platform
44:46 How long can it take to create a marketplace?
45:29 The benefits of partnering with Rarible
47:21 What is the future of digitals?
50:29 How to partner with Rarible?
53:04 The meaning of life to Alex