Compliant Launch of Digital Assets

Join Constantin Kogan in his interview with Mason Borda, co-founder and CEO of TokenSoft. 

Delve into the unique world of digital tokens as they explore a variety of topics regarding utility vs security tokens – from compliance cases to challenges faced by pioneers within this industry! 

You’ll also be introduced to various types of clients that utilize their platform. Be sure not to miss out on these informative discussions and stick around for more coming up soon!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Crypto-Blockchain-w-Mason-Borda–Constantin-Kogan-e1sadlm


01:17 – Mason Borda’s crypto journey
02:37 – Difference between utility and security tokens
05:28 – How big is the TokenSoft team?
06:19 – TokenSoft compliance case examples
09:08 – Value proposition of a tokenized IPO
10:55 – Challenges of being a compliant pioneer
15:06 – TokenSoft & utility tokens 
24:08 – What is a fair launch?
30:45 – Timeline and pricing
34:41 – Late token listing case study
37:08 – Types of clients
39:37 – U.S. vs non U.S. investors
40:29 – How to redistribute token
43:44 – Synthetic additional token
47:41 – Is Mason still buying Tesla with Bitcoin?
50:08 – How long will the bear market last?
54:45 – Other aspects that excite Mason
58:13 – Meaning of life to Mason Borda