Cross-chain stablecoin yield aggregator

Mike Ting and Lawrence Wong, Flurry Finance protocol co-founders, are the guests of the newest interview.  FLURRY protocol issues rhoTokens which are backed by stablecoins, and searches for the best transaction fee adjusted yield for a user’s backing stablecoins. 

Both partners have been part of the industry for more than 10 years, and are well known for their backgrounds as banking investors, products owners, warrant traders, and program developers.

In the interview, they clearly represent their vision of simplifying stablecoin owners’ lives, yield prediction, and expected changes in the market.

Click on the video below and enjoy the conversation!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Lawrence-Wong–Constantin-Kogan-e15gc8f


01:37 How Mike and Lawrence met and came up with their idea 
05:38 The best option to find the yield for stablecoin owners
12:40 How to sell one unified stablecoin 
15:20 How to figure the perfect amount of reserved stablecoins 
18:42 Flurry Testnet platform study  
25:23 Other assets Flurry co-founders are looking forward to support 
28:08 Flurry risk management strategy
30:30 How to identify a better yield
40:15 Flurry Finance investors and roadmap 
50:42 Discussion of the latest news in the crypto world
52:19 The guests’ prediction for yield 
53:19 Why the co-founders are doing what they’re doing and their life purposes