Crypto Prime Brokerage

Head of Revenue, Daniel Kim, at San Francisco Open Exchange (SFOX) with easy access to the digital currency market.
SFOX solution provides access to high liquidity and trading opportunities with large volumes.

Institutions, international businesses, and professional traders use SFOX for price discovery, real-time pricing and analytics, and trading algorithms.

Daniel describes large amount trading effects on the crypto market, Coinbase as a competitor, what SFOX team performance looks like, and other exciting aspects of the prime broker.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!


2:29 – How the current crypto landscape is fragmented
5:45 – Effects on the market when trading large amount
8:44 – Limits for individual
10:20 – Clients served
12:35 – Access to SFOX API
17:40 – The concept of darkpools
27:10 – Various functions and meaning of the acronyms
32:01 – Minimum orders to process
33:30 – How smart routing works
35:10 – Coinbase vs SFOX
44:25 – Liquidity pairs on SFOX
45:30 – Adding teammates on SFOX platform
47:25 – Tax reporting functions
50:20 – Any future plans for stablecoins
52:10 – Stories from previous clients
55:16 – Security concerns and measures
57:10 – Compliance
57:30 – Meaning of Life for Daniel Kim
1:00:10 – How crypto ecosystem has a great ideology behind it
1:01:36 – Meaning of Life for Constantin