Crypto Strategies for a Global Crisis

Creating products that operate through a financial crisis is the main point of building them. This is how you check its strength and flexibility.

It is to be approved whether Bitcoin was built with the same purpose or other, yet the globe is looking for a finite asset class with unique features and characteristics that distinguish separate coin’s value from the rest.

The guests dive deeper into BTC price predictions, its role in the pandemic, portfolio projects, and more.


03:57 – Nowadays Bitcoin relevance
11:30 – Memorable stories to ever occurred in the crypto space
19:25 – Bitcoin price assumptions
27:35 – Bitcoin’s role in the Covid-19 period
34:35 – Some advice as to raising money in the pandemic time
40:33 – Current world-changing portfolio companies and projects
50:06 – Is there any demand for a future contract trading on exchanges
54:53 – Positive suggestions to enterpreneurs and investors in the virus phase