Decentralized Trust Network: Identity, Reputation, Trust

Netflix-promoted movie “General Magic” was initially a company formed by the Apple workers before Steve Jobs got back to it. The primary idea was to build a personal digital assistant (PDA), or in other words, a smartphone. Why it was a pleasure to be working for the company and who the dream team consisted of are clarified in the video.

Eric remembers how Reid Hoffman and Eric became passionate about entrepreneurship when they were students at Stanford. He also states about the power of networking on LinkedIn as you mostly meet like-minded people and make connections easier. This is where a trusted network begins and gives people more opportunities to build a career a lit bit easier.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Reputation–Trust-w-Eric-Ly–Constantin-Kogan-eobiqu


01:57 – The start of Eric’s career in the crypto world
11:25 – Everything about the Hub project
27:47 – The major parameters to take in account for the project success
38:07 – Peer-to-peer network-based platforms to integrate with
47:30 – Who is paying the arbiters?
57:39 – What is trust to the co-founder