Deep Dive into Crypto Lending with Arch Lending Founders

Join me as I sit down with the founders of Arch Lending, delving into the intricate world of crypto lending and blockchain financial services.

From understanding the importance of qualified custodians to the tax implications of crypto-backed loans, this interview is a treasure trove of insights for both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

Plus, get a sneak peek into Arch Lending’s upcoming features and their vision for the future.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Hosted-by-Constantin-Kogan-e2b99bk


01:03 Crypto journey
02:58 What inspired to start Arch Lending
04:37 Target audience and its issues
08:18 Mythical risks people believe in
11:10 How to gain people’s trust
13:19 The project’s risk model
15:50 User experience
18:50 How to navigate scenarios to maintain value
22:00 How to simulate the price
23:12 IPO duration
27:01 Observations on the web 3.0 space
30:55 How to foresee the future
32:10 Big position at a less reputable platform
34:04 Will there be anyone to absorb the risk?
35:08 Value of NFTs 37:01 Insurance
40:04 Accounting and tax perspectives
43:19 What is missing in the current ecosystem?
44:30 Crypto futures impacting Arch business line
46:18 Cross-chain solutions to match web2 products
49:34 Is an application format coming?
51:30 Meaning of life to Himanshu and Dhruv