DEX Growth, Liquidity Mining & NFT’s

Jake’s passion is the finacial technology space: he has served as 1) a technical product manager and engineer at Amazon; 2) quantitative researcher and trader in hedge funds; 3) CTO at FinTech company “Triton Research” that focuses on pre-initial public offering (IPO) private tech firms; and 4) investor in Bitcoin in Earnest where he got fond of it.

Throughout the video, the guest goes into two major types of investment, DEX and its significance these days, Zap token, and so much more.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Liquidity-Mining–NFTs-w-Jake-Brukhman–Constantin-Kogan-ejb05e


01:28 – How Jake got into the crypto space
10:47 – The major distinction between traditional VC investment and investment in the equity
18:49 – Why DEX is becoming so well-adopted
31:30 – How to mitigate risks of a not so well-performing protocol or project
40:21 – How much you can save using ZAP token
50:25 – Why the guest believes in DEX’s growth
58:08 – Blogs, experts, books, and more exciting suggestions