Digital Transformation of the Traditional Art Market

Constantin Kogan is excited to discuss the traditional art industry establishment, world-class auction houses, and the transition into the NFT era.

Check out the interview to learn everything you need to know about how art market works, galleries hierarchy, NFT field issues, digitization analysis, and more!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Denis-Belkevich-e1m5hi4


02:17 What is an art investment 
07:22 How do primary and secondary markets work?
12:19 A buyer’s journey 
17:59 Price formation
25:35 Where to check validation?
31:11 Gallery hierarchy 
33:08 What else you can do with an art
36:11 Who audits the fair market price
38:03 Financial instruments
40:08 General comment
44:11 Art digitization analysis
50:55 Top 3 major problems in the NFT industry 
1:01:31 The meaning of life to Denis