YGG SEA: First SubDAO of Yield Guild GamesPost media

Due diligence, successful partnerships, and scholars increase are daily standard processes for Yield Guild Games SEA.

Constantin Kogan joins Dan Wang, Chief Information Officer and Irene Umar, co-founder at YGG SEA to discuss scholar behavior on Discord, what a game founder should consider to enter the Metaverse, and all the tricky questions about revenue sharing and earning!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!



01:48 – YGG SEA establishment
04:23 – Business model of YGG SEA
04:46 – Where to start?
08:47 – How scholars are chosen
11:10 – Can non-southeast gamers get accepted into the metaverse?
12:05 – What’s the day-to-day routine for a scholar
15:10 – What YGG SEA is looking at to onboard another partner
18:25 – What is the dominant mobile operating system to play?
19:00 – What’s the other criteria for a game founder?
22:20 – Revenue model / Profit distribution / Average earning number
24:29 – Revenue sharing
26:58 – What percentage fee YYG SEA gets
28:52 – Lifetime of a game
32:36 – How are games allocated between scholars?
35:40 – Economic incentives for games getting into the Metaverse
39:00 – Meaning of life for Dan and Irene