Early-Stage Investment, Digital Asset & Treasury Management

Founder of Wave Financial, Wavemaker Partners, and a technology-focused investment bank, Siemer & Associates LLC, David expands on his journey in Southeast Asia as an investor, a story of randomly buying and selling Bitcoin, DC style of investment, and some reasons for temporary quit.

He then returned to traditional investment and banking and kept receiving nice job offers. Slowly but surely, David started feeling back in love and safe with the industry.

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01:50 – How the founder ended up in the crypto sphere
12:18 – The requirements for working with IRA products
17:47 – Some advice to everyone’s who still hesitant to invest in crypto
27:10 – Thoughts on digitizing the guest’s VC fund
35:22 – The characteristics of an investor for David to accept
45:19 – How to do diligence of VC funds
51:19 – What to expect out of currenct recession in the future
55:57 – Happiness Psychology and other recommendations