Evolution of Web 3.0 Infrastructure

Hosted an amazing interview with an angel investor, author, and curator of the weekly newsletter MythOfMoney.com, Tatiana Koffman. Koffman currently invests in digital assets and equities through her family office. She is also an advisory board member to MARA, a neobank for the African region, and Flooz, a Web3 infrastructure and wallet company. 

In this interview, you’ll hear about Tatiana’s investment approach, crypto adoption analysis, some predictions, and more!

Tune in to learn more.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!


02:34 – Tatiana’s path into web3 world
14:02 – Investment thesis approach
23:46 – Crypto adoption analysis
30:16 – Can social media become an investment tool?
33:29 – The outcome of the current state of market
35:56 – Apple vs Spotify battle
38:03 – Fun ideas in web3
45:50 – How to estimate an idea
54:28 – What to expect for retail investors?
01:02:20 – Gold as an ultimate tool
01:06:15 – Thoughts on macro
01:10:43 – Meaning of life to Tatiana