First Crypto Exchange Operator to List on NASDAQ

Richard, as a trader in London at the beginning of his career, transitioned into sales quickly. At the time of the financial crisis, he got concerned about the conception of money printing.

He points out about the “Sapiens” book by Yuval Noah Harari, apart from the others, which has influenced him immensely from societal beliefs about money.

Fun fact: the CEO of Diginex first invested in the company that was a cryptocurrency mining business back then; it was a yield play on the asset class at the time of the contribution. Nowadays, it delivers solutions that make digital assets more accessible, business processes more efficient, and societies more secure.

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01:10 – Richard’s story of getting fond of cryptocurrency and blockchain
16:14 – How to handle any challenge that comes with an exchange platform
24:10 – The guest’s view on what to expect from the crypto game
35:05 – Is there any safety in the money market?
43:39 – Why Nasdaq?
53:30 – Books to have inspired Richard Byworth