First Crypto Wall Street Report, Tokenized VC Fund & ETF’s

Today’s general partner at blockchain capital, Spencer Bogart, started as an intern at a buy-side investment firm as a hedge fund in San Francisco, CA. His job was to review as much research as possible from the hedge funds that were investing in.

As far as all the skills Spencer acquired in the firm are fundamental, he conducted investment research and analysis of companies in Internet Marketplaces and FinTech industries. He is an author of the first comprehensive reports on bitcoin on Wall Street.

Check out the video to hear more about his work experience in FactSet; what the company discusses on the morning research calls, the disclosure of the benefits of mutual fund lens, and other fascinating stuff.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Tokenized-VC-Fund–ETFs-w-Spencer-Bogart–Constantin-Kogan-ejkgfh


01:20 – What inspired Spencer to join crypto
13:50 – About sell side equity research
22:18 – How Spencer identifies promising companies
29:41 – What’s the guest’s focus in 2020-21
39:27 – What the BC partner’s opinion on the potential approval of BTC ETF
47:29 – The role of digital assets in the future
56:37 – Top 3 skills to get into the blockchain space