First Video Call, Unicorn investments & Decentralized Economy

Tim Draper is one of those rare investors who come from a crypto-related family and is open to present not only personal life and work experience but also his siblings’, which is more thrilling.

What is it that inspired Tim to become a venture capitalist; what are the red flags for any business, outlook-changing books, and other awe-inspiring stories and life hacks?

It is worth watching and listening attentively every second of the video as everyone wants to know what it’s like to invest in Skype, Tesla, Baidu, Twitch, Coinbase, SpaceX, Twitter, you name it.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Unicorn-investments–Decentralized-Economy-w-Tim-Draper–Constantin-Kogan-ekca9f


01:41 – What inspired Tim to become a venture capitalist
09:40 – How not to do business per the guest’s opinion
21:23 – Imvesting $19M in 30K BTC
30:57 – Best locations for a successful deal flow
38:34 – How to make sure you’re well-equipped to start a career in the VC space
50:40 – Life-changing books recommendation