Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Yield with Barnbridge & Synthetix

Aerospace engineering and entrepreneurship plus finance and economics. Remember this combo as it leads to mind-blowing projects and ideas creation and implementation.

Keegan and EJ, ex-college mates, ended up working together in a management associate program at $100 bln real estate and finance mortgage credit manager that focuses on brokerage, lending, servicing, tidal escrow, secondary capital market, etc.

The mates experienced all the core business lines and broke through to FinTech startup intending to develop digital destination for retail facing components of the company. One of the key goals for them is to invest time and energy into products and systems that seem to be potentially used in the future, like structured finance industry group (SFIG) for securitization in the mortgage space.

Also, blockchain technology improvement, the origination of a loan through servicing, and secondary market operations. The guys are ready to join teams that share their vision and projects they believe in.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Smart-Yield-with-Barnbridge–Synthetix-w-Keegan-Selby–EJ-Rogers-enrcgc


10:00 – The main criteria to look for in a project
20:26 – How to identify the growth of a company
33:27 – What is tokenized risk protocol
45:50 – Is there additional fee in the Barnbridge
1:12:20 – What to do when a coin’s price doubles after staking
1:30:10 – The meaning of life to the guests