Global Recession & The Future of Crypto: Macroeconomic Analysis

Dan, fixed income trader in the past, has established Pantera Capital, cryptocurrency investment firm to provide investors with the spectrum of exposure to digital assets and blockchain space. He has additionally started a training in a global macro hedge fund style where all the participants are trading equity, indices, commodities, currencies, and bonds worldwide.

The CEO underlines his personal perspective on COVID-19 crisis, especially having dozens of employees in three cities: SF, LDN, and NYC under management, plus a fund in the crypto industry and 35 years of experince in trading global macro distractions.

The in-depth definition of V-shaped recession, what to anticipate from the current monetary policy, and other issues are encompassed in the video.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–The-Future-of-Crypto-Macroeconomic-Analysis-w-Constantin-Kogan–Dan-Morehead-edq5i5


1:50 – Dan’s story
5:00 – Corona Virus (Covid-19) –> Recession
8:36 – Potential path of recovery (V-Shape recession)
11:45 – Implications of the US fiscal and monetary policy (stimulus package)
17:32 – Exchange rate and printing more money
19:11 – Is Bitcoin still an uncorrelated asset class?
24:35 – Why investing in stable coins?
26:43 – Institutional adoption
30:41 – Were there actually a direct investment into projects from institutional investors?
32:41 – Strategies (liquid vs ventures)
37:10 – Is Pantera investing now?
38:35 – How is the crisis affecting liquid and multicurrency strategies?
41:14 – Bitcoin halvening analysis
45:01 – Bearish vs Bullish trend
46:44 – Bitcoin price prediction by the end of 2020
48:48 – Thought leaders to follow
51:40 – Book recommendation