Hedera Hashgraph, LG’s NFT Ventures, and many more with Zenobia Godschalk

Sit with us to know more about Zenobia Godschalk’s insights that provide a comprehensive overview of the current state and future potential of blockchain technology, particularly through the lens of Hedera Hashgraph’s capabilities and applications.

Her vision for a more trusted and transparent world, enabled by DLT, underscores the transformative impact of blockchain across various sectors.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!


01:08 Zenobia’s background
06:25 Education journey
07:30 Explanation of Hedera Hashgraph
10:04 The decentralized nature of Hedera and Distributed Consensus Algorithm
13:16 How does running a node contribute to the security of the Hadera Hashgraph network?
14:53 Top three use cases, impactful for real-world applications
18:57 LG’s use of NFTs
22:39 Real asset tokenization
27:08 Predictions for mass adoption, without the need for understanding the underlying technology
33:15 The role of DLT in rebuilding trust in institutions, journalism, and government
37:22 The potential for blockchain to disrupt monopolies
40:25 Biggest predictions for how DLT and public blockchains will transform global infrastructure and impact the world by 2030
46:44 How is blockchain being utilized to combat misinformation and hold entities accountable?
49:33 Zenobia reflects on the meaning of life