How To Get Into A Venture Capital: From CEX To Top Layer 1

In this captivating episode of Holistic Investments, we are honored to welcome the brilliant Kenzi Wang, a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Join us as Kenzi sits down with me to delve into his remarkable crypto journey, the future of centralized exchanges (CEX), the concept of Symbolic Capital, the groundbreaking Beacon Accelerator project, and even his philosophical musings on the meaning of life.

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02:07 Kenzi’s crypto journey
07:55 Listing vs Investment
14:20 The future of CEX
19:12 Top 3 criteria for a pitch deck 
23:23 CEX vs DEX
27:08 About chains on DEXs
28:18 How Symbolic Capital works
30:44 Equity vs hybrid model 
32:43 Would Kenzi invest in non-Polygon projects?
38:57 Beacon Accelerator
43:26 SKIP program
48:15 What is Kenzi bullish about?
51:57 Payment providers integration
01:01:59 Meaning of life to Kenzi