How To Set Up A DAO For Your Business

Constantin Kogan joins Michael Kunz, Senior Legal Associate and Future Partner at MME to have a highly productive legislative conversation about DAO set-up in Switzerland and worldwide. 

MME serves clients with personal and thorough attention in Legal, Tax, and Compliance. They provide integrated, comprehensive and interdisciplinary services with speed and efficiency.

Check out the interview to learn everything you need.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Michael-Kunz-e1pmin8


01:28 – Michael’s crypto journey
03:16 – Why is Switzerland a great jurisdiction for DAO set-up
06:02 – What are the average costs to set up DAO
12:56 – The process of opening a foundation in Switzerland
17:15 – How to minimize legal and compliance risks
22:14 – What if several regulators sue you simultaneously
25:37 – Other jurisdictions to consider
37:35 – Minimum number of people to register in a foundation 
39:33 – Limitations for founders
44:53 – Who’s responsible for treasury management
53:09 – The meaning of life to Michael