Litigation Finance Powered by Blockchain Technology

David Kay – NYC-based, one of the most successful and in-demand litigation finance strategists in the history of the 25-year-old litigation finance industry.

When David was Funding Partner and Portfolio Manager of a billion US dollar private equity fund working in the litigation finance space, he was tasked with monetizing awards valued in the hundreds of millions of USD. He eventually brought in more than one billion US dollars of cash and securities.

This interview is a “must-see” as there’s nothing more exciting than learning how to avoid scam and fraud in the crypto industry!

  • How Liti Capital works; LITI & wLITI tokens.
  • Why the KYC process for the LITI tokens holders is strictly required.
  • How to combine a decentralized model with a fully compliant offering.
  • The incredible team behind the curtain.
  • Why crypto projects go through risk management policy first, and much more!

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If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-e13ao6f


01:26 – David starts with his career path in the crypto industry
06:32 – How litigation funding works
08:43 – A case study example of when Liti Capital steps in
11:59 – The ideal size of a case for consideration
13:43 – More case studies in the employment industry
19:12 – Getting into decentralized-based solutions and tokenomics strategy
21:00 – LITI & wLITI tokens
22:08 – The value behind trading with wLITI
25:40 – The tokens’ functionality and conversion rate
28:08 – The tokens’ market cap in circulation 
30:02 – How to remain profitable, gather an exceptional team and help the audience participate with the firm
35:47 – The consequences of not going through KYC on Uniswap/PancakeSwap to buy/sell the tokens
39:47 – How to prevent speculators’ manipulating the tokens’ price and not let them redeem
47:17 – About the Liti Capital team
52:39 – How to identify a creator of a scam in a DeFi project
59:15 – The two main passions that matter to David the most