M&A, Secondaries, Challenges Of Selling Your Business In Crypto

Join us in this enlightening interview with Jan Stranberg, a seasoned expert in the cryptocurrency and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) sector.

Dive into Jan’s fascinating journey in the crypto world and gain valuable insights into the complexities of M&A in the blockchain industry.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!


01:36 Jan’s Crypto Journey 
07:46 Top Advice For Start-Ups 
10:05 Bookkeeping Without Big Budgets 
12:19 How Decentralized Projects Store Their Finances In Centralized Fashion 
13:43 Required Legal Documents 
15:20 Important Documentations To Be Prepared At All Times 
17:59 About Trademarks 
19:14 Patent For Technology 
19:45 Factors That Add Value To A Company 
23:55 Top 3 Fears Projects Are Facing 
26:32 How To Navigate The Transition Process During M&A Activities
30:31 Insights About Companies One Year After The Completion Of Their Deals
31:54 The Timeline And Process Of A Deal In An M&A Scenario
36:27 Psychological Portrait Of A Private Equity Investor
39:32 Advantages Of Investing In Established Projects 
40:53 How To Deal With Greedy Founders
44:04 Back To The Conversation About Multiples
46:42 How To Evaluate A Project Correctly 
50:53 The Initial Steps In Engaging With M&A Services
58:00 The Concept Of An Open Order Book 
01:01:03  Strategies Employed To Prevent Negatively Impacting Sales 
01:03:42 Tokens Vesting Schedule 
01:06:59 The Amount Of Transactions Resulting In Both, Buyers And Sellers Parties
01:09:51 Top 2-3 Upcoming Hot Trends In The M&A Space
01:14:58 Best Ways To Contact Jan 
01:15:28 Meaning Of Life To Jan