Mobile Security, Sim Swap, Data Privacy

In this enlightening and comprehensive interview, we sit down with Mark Kreitzman, the General Manager of Ifani, to delve into the critical and often overlooked world of mobile security.

Mark shares his personal journey into the realm of cybersecurity, providing valuable insights into the challenges and solutions in protecting our digital lives.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Sim-Swap–Data-Privacy–Hosted-by-Constantin-Kogan-e2diu04


01:13 Mark’s journey
05:05 Sim swap attack
16:30 Two factor authentication
20:51 The next security and protection level
24:52 Eavesdropping
28:18 How to protect all the data
31:33 Efani’s clients geography
34:34 Other types of self-protection
46:09 The future of mobile protection
51:29 Subscription, pricing, coupon
56:33 Meaning of life to Mark