Music and Digital Art via NFT Collectibles

Constantin Kogan hosts an amazing interview with Prof. Ichak Adizes, Varun Bajaj, and Sapphire Adizes. 

★ Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has been developing the proprietary Adizes methodology for corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations to achieve exceptional results and manage accelerated change without conflicts.
★ Crypto real estate broker, member of the Board of Directors for IBREA (International Blockchain Real Estate Association), and THE HUSL co-founder Varun Bajaj. 
★ Saxophonist, producer, singer-songwriter, and THE HUSL co-founder, Sapphire Adizes. 

What a team to have a conversation with! Non-stop professional recommendations, explanation of THE HUSL project function, NFTs in the music industry, and other exciting aspects of the start-up make the discussion so saturated and useful. 

THE HUSL is a decentralized marketplace where a fan acquires HUSL tokens, buys a favorite artist’s portfolio, creates a playlist, and helps newfound musicians and singers to break through legally. The list goes on so make sure you watch the interview till the end to hear all the features and opportunities THE HUSL is offering.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Sapphire-Adizes—Varun-Bajaj-e16ov78


01:45 – Dr. Adizes shares his professional experience
40:42 – Varun on his journey of becoming a firm leader
42:55 – Why NFTs are so huge today
48:08 – Sapphire explaining the music industry ecosystem
58:01 – Who does personal celebrity management 
01:00:20 – Why the biggest stars are supporting THE HUSL
01:05:09 – Ticketing as an element of the project
01:06:45 – Dr. Adizes on the power of simplicity
01:10:25 – One more advantage of the start-up
01:11:30 – How investing works within THE HUSL
01:15:52 – More updates THE HUSL is about to bring to the music industry
01:20:07 – Why offering too many opportunities is a threat
01:21:08 – THE HUSL roadmap
01:24:37 – How HUSL token works
01:32:20 – How NFTs function within THE HUSL
01:34:09 – How to succeed through THE HUSL platform
01:38:36 – Meaning of life for Varun and Sapphire