Open Source Financial Infrastructure

Evercoin, designed by Miko Matsumura, is a representation of Open Source Financial Infrastructure, which features a source code available to all the potential users and developers for improvement.

Evercoin is a secure virtual crypto wallet that enables private key storage safe from exchange hacking and protected by biometric authentication factors. Hardware security makes it harder to lose the key. The app requires a 24-word passphrase, offers two shards to restore the key as it’s been challenging to provide a backup and re-storage, and it is mobile-first – in-built security – that allows fingerprint ID or face ID.

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02:15 – About hedging and investing theories
7:38 – Open Source Software vs Free Open Source Software
11:55 – Private Blockchain
18:52 – Bureaucracy as a lack of trust and its impact on the crypto space
25:10 – OS Financial Infrastructure as a transformation to the digital world
35:00 – Who are the biggest contributors to Open Source and why
40:00 – Pros of having your own virtual wallet
56:25 – Why is it worth investing in the gaming segment
1:06:31 – The perfect tool for keeping your crypto account secure
1:10:12 – Book recommendations for newcomers into the crypto world