Revolutionary shopping experience: AR, VR, Metaverse

Constantin Kogan joins Travis Wu, Founder of HighStreet. Highstreet Market is a limited edition marketplace catered to influencer lead brands or product collaboration between celebrities and artists.

The guest tells it all about Highstreet World establishment, Metaverse definition,the power of VR, gaming industry expansion, and so much more.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–VR–Metaverse-w-Travis-Wu–Constantin-Kogan-e19m3q0


01:59 – Crypto journey of Travis Wu 
07:00 – Travis’ vision on physical and virtual realities joint growth
08:15 – How to overcome the absence of touching sense in the virtual world
12:32 – The analysis of human senses
19:15 – What is StreetSmart in HighStreet Metaverse
25:38 – What is a Metaverse
29:45 – Thoughts on a possible conflict between virtual and physical realities
35:25 – Incentivizing people to join the P2E era
39:41 – Yield creation in the gaming space
43:15 – The business side of partnering with HighStreet Market
45:02 – The growing tendency of crypto gaming 
47:52 – How Travis tests a product or a feature
49:45 – HighStreet roadmap 
01:02:25 – How to partner with HighStreet
01:07:05 – The meaning of life to Travis Wu