Self-Sovereign Identity

Fabian Vogelsteller, Ethereum developer, LUKSO founder, creator of Mist browser, web3.js, Feindura (CMS), ERC-20, and ERC-725 protocols, and author of Meteor.js.   

The guest tells it all: joining Ethereum Foundation in 2015 and becoming a C++ developer; the generation of ERC20 and ERC-725 protocols, and so much more.   

Fabian supports the self-sovereign identity concept; therefore, is actively building this decentralized blockchain space “The Dematerialised” where people have fun securely. Launching is coming soon! 

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-e14pp1o


01:22 – How and why Fabian joined the crypto space
08:08 – A few words about ERC-20 success
10:19 – What is web3.js
14:02 – The core developers of Ethereum
16:03 – The creation of ERC-20 protocol 
22:52 – ERC-725 and sovereign identity challenge
34:00 – Examples of “The Dematerialised” project use case 
39:35 – How to consolidate multiple social media accounts via blockchain
41:58 – Importance of security and privacy on social media 
47:29 – Monetization and business model of “The Dematerialised”
50:33 – Lukso blockchain release and how people can support it
51:47 – Reversible ICO. Fundraising structure
55:30 – Launch of public test network
58:21 – The purpose of building numerous platforms and life goals