Stable Coin – Bridge between Traditional Finance and Crypto

Marc’s current passion – Two Prime. The project bridges the best practices of traditional finance and crypto with a brand new asset class – its flagship FF1 token. Combining the safety of a stable coin and the finite supply of a Bitcoin, FF1 is a better store of value. Flexible product, all-weather, importable any time (even in the Covid-19).

The guest explains what’s the ICO error capital formation, what formula works for Asian exchange markets, and so much more.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!—Bridge-between-Traditional-Finance-and-Crypto-w-Constantin-Kogan–Marc-Fleury-eesb47


01:30 – The major goal of Two Prime project
04:36 – What “bringing back the ICO error” means
08:35 – The initial store of value
13:35 – The core differences between historical monetary payment methods and current decentralized transfer value
16:57 – In what way decentralization changes financial world and all the processes that come with it