Successful Exit Strategy for Venture Capital

For some crypto-related positive vibes, check out the video with Igor, who is always full of inspiration to create something big. The guest extends a bit over the most notable parts of his life: his roots, what he has done within the 25 years of living in the US, what he had to offer the crypto market, and why his hard work has been beneficial for the local FinTech and Internet economy.

The interview contains a deep reflection on the big role of Eastern Europe in the digital space, whether the location for participating in the market and working for crypto companies matters or not, finding the right investor for a startup, and how to know when to exit it or a company that is about to fail to perform.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below, Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-ehvj1n


01:30 – The TMT Investment Partner’s story
05:55 – Why is Eastern Europe the centre of investing capacity
12:25 – Requirements for employees’ location
23:29 – How to deal with a company without $1M in revenue
28:48 – Some advice on evaluating a startup to be investable
34:40 – How to pick an investor as a startup owner
41:54 – How does Igor know when to exit
46:48 – The investor’s most preferred investment areas
55:49 – The book that changed the guest’s life
59:04 – Philosophical conversation