The DeFi Hub for Cosmos: CDP on Kava and borrow on Hard

Kava Labs Inc., a Defi cross-chain platform built for Collateralized Debt Position (CDPs) creation, product manager – Scott Stuart – discusses successful Kava 5 Incentivized testnet launch and the HARD “Money Market Madness” competition.

The Kava platform accepts BTC, BNB, XRP, Atom, among other cryptocurrencies. Tendermint-based and Cosmos-powered architecture Kava leverages the interoperability between blockchains with various protocols.

Scott reveals some of the main goals of the venture-backed firm, which are payments and blockchain technologies development and a user-friendly decentralized financial services platform establishment.

To hear more about the Kava team, roadmap, competition with HARD and other tokens, click the play button and enjoy this saturated interview.

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1:30 – Scott’s introduction to crypto
2:40 – Team behind Kava
3:40 – Mindset of building a startup
11:00 – Discussion about Thorchain
14:40 – Security audit
17:40 – High yield opportunity and risk
20:40 – Kava roadmap release cycles
24:40 – Kava is hiring
25:20 – How first time users can use Kava
29:34 – Kava vs HARD vs other tokens
31:20 – Mintscan
32:20 – CDP
37:00 – Governance on Kava
41:16 – Validators participation
49:00 – Developer integration with other apps
1:03:30 – Scott’s philosophical outlook on life
1:07:15 – Scott’s podcast recommendation