The phenomenon of first NFT Protocol – ERC-721

Joining an interview with William Entriken, Lead Author of ERC721 and the founder of Su Squares, which is the first ERC721 NFT created in 2018.

The guest tells it all about the ERC 721 protocol, its differences from other protocols, challenges in the NFT space, and more!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!—ERC-721-w-William-Entriken–Constantin-Kogan-e1d3jva


01:05 – William entering the crypto and NFT industries
03:45 – The co-authors of ERC-721
09:10 – ERC-721 vs ERC-1155
11:56 – Use cases of both protocols
14:45 – Data management
18:49 – ERC-777 Protocol
21:57 – Challenges in the NFT space William foresees
28:15 – Making crypto / blockchain / NFT-related operations user-friendly for everyone
30:19 – Multi-chain standard
36:20 – Are DEXs actually decentralized?
40:08 – How to pay taxes via DEX? what do you use for direct sale of eth to usd
46:30 – The future of NFTs
48:30 – Traditional influencers stepping into NFTs world
51:26 – Su Squares
53:59 – How to create first NFT
54:44 – The meaning of life for William Entriken