The Web 4.0 Revolution: A Deep Dive into Investment Strategies with Glass Ventures

In this engaging interview, Cinderella Amar, Managing Partner at Glass Ventures, discusses her transition from traditional finance to the blockchain industry.

Cinderella delves into the concept of Web4, emphasizing its role in enhancing Web3’s accessibility and driving mass adoption through user-friendly applications.

The conversation also covers investment strategies in emerging technologies, the importance of aligning investor interests in equity and token ventures, and the evolving relationship between traditional finance and digital assets.

For the audio format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Ep–76-e2jnrli

01:16 Cinderella’s journey
05:30 How has such an investment narrative been reached
10:25 Partnership with Fineqia
13:50 About other partnerships
14:45 Glass Ventures Investment thesis
17:55 How to identify a successful web 4.0 project
23:30 How to differ Web 3.0 & Web 4.0
26:00 Some advice on how to pitch
28:05 Ongoing trends in the Web 4.0 space
31:50 Equity vs Tokens
34:30 The incentives of two types of an investor
40:25 How Glass Ventures deploys into funds
44:15 VC fundraising
51:51 Meaning of life to Cinderella