U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Dark Web, Cybersecurity

In this compelling interview, former U.S. Secret Service agent turned cybersecurity expert, Lili Infante, delves into the shadowy world of cybercrime, cryptocurrency, and the dark web. 

The conversation takes a deeper dive into the complexities of the digital underworld, discussing the operational intricacies of dark web marketplaces, and the challenges law enforcement faces due to jurisdictional constraints and the anonymity tools at play.

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01:30 Lili’s crypto journey
07:40 Successful case examples
13:51 Cyber hack statistics
17:19 Dark web employees
20:14 About escrow account
25:46 Jurisdiction in the dark web market 
59:24 Business & personal cyber attack
01:09:37 A fair amount of money to lose 
01:16:12 Ways to avoid cyber attacks 
01:28:56 Lili’s social media 
01:31:09 The meaning of life to Lili