Ubiquitous Decentralized Metaverse

Fresh interview with Paddy Carroll, Bloktopia Co-Founder, CMO, and an experienced marketer. Paddy is leading the marketing strategy for the project, driving forward revenue opportunities, and strengthening the link with the audience.

The guest used to be working for some of the largest brands in the UK, such as BT Group and Sky. He knows exactly how to reveal users’ pain points, pack a product, and raise a company. 

In the interview, the co-founder explains what the Bloktopia platform is for, how it operates; he tells about the Metaverse, token utility, roadmap, and more!

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!



01:42 – What is Bloktopia
06:34 – What number 21 stands for
09:19 – The product release date
11:19 – How to earn with Bloktopia
16:13 – What’s the incentive to rent a space in the building
19:26 – What are some stimuli for NFT holders
22:24 – How the Bloktopia team sees the project’s growth
26:57 – The pain point for Bloktopians and the start-up’s plans for more users acquisition
29:27 – The geographical focus for Bloktopia
33:22 – The purpose in life for Paddy Carroll