Unlocking Gibraltar’s Crypto Frontier

🚀 Dive into the heart of Gibraltar’s groundbreaking crypto and blockchain landscape with Aaron Payas, a leading Web3 lawyer and NFT enthusiast.

In this exclusive interview, we uncover the secrets behind Gibraltar’s success as a digital asset hub, explore the intricacies of DLT licensing, VASP registration, and the future of tokenization.

Aaron shares his personal journey from international football to becoming a Board Ape Yacht Club member, offering unique insights into the convergence of law, technology, and personal growth in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.

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01:16 Aaron’s journey
05:28 The core differences between DLT provider license and VASP
09:22 Legal compliance terms
22:47 E-money & the banking license
29:59 Rules of DLT license and VASP
44:59 Where to start and where to go?
55:56 Tax benefits in Gibraltar
01:04:38 What was the motivation for purchasing Board Ape Yacht Club NFT?
01:13:35 The meaning of life to Aaron