Venture Studio Business Model

Alon highlights how Covid-19 has affected the geographical location of you as a remote worker; how and why such a workstyle has become as trendy and popular as never before.

He tells about his first jobs as a teller at a bank, restaurants, and alike places instead of being a part of the family business that rebuilds auto parts. In this way, little he knew about the financial world; however, he reveals how he has proceeded a bit faster and more efficiently.

Work experience in MySpace, how he met Tim Draper, opinion on Defi, and many more will be covered in the video. Don’t miss out.

If you want the interview in the podcast format, please visit the link below. Enjoy!–Constantin-Kogan-egon0g


01:49 – About Venture Business Model
08:55 – Why Tim Draper is partnering with Alon
18:18 – The difference between venture studio model and a full-fledged fund model
24:15 – The ratio between the regular cash value vs the project’s services
29:44 – How many and what projects Alon has been investing in recently
50:45 – DeFi as an answer to trusting each other in the crypto sphere
58:42 – The funniest story to have ever happened to the founder
1:04:35 – The guest’s book and crypto experts recommendations