Web 3.0: From Retail DeFi to Institutional DeFi

The Web 3 Accelerator founder, Jamie Burke, tells us how he discovered Bitcoin, also about NFTs in gaming, his views on ETFs introduction to the market, and more.

Briefly on Outlier Ventures – an early-stage accelerator supporting the development and further growth of an open data economy. OV advises and invests in talented promising teams and businesses that make the decentralized data infrastructure more valuable.

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1:44 – How Jamie came across Bitcoin
2:40 – Being a creative technologist
6:51 – What it means to be an enabler for a new data economy
19:18 – Build out the capital market through market-making
25:09 – Benefit from liquidity bootstrapping and acquisition strategy.
30:50 – ICO mania, hype cycle
33:20 – Why web3 is primarily open vs proprietary technology
43:45 – Evolution of NFTs in gaming
51:59 – Banking that defy mainstream
53:57 – The emergence and future of NFTs
1:04:10 – Every new industry had to insure itself
1:07:29 – Thoughts of ETFs creation
1:16:50 – Favorite books