Weekly Market Report. December 22, 2023

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December 22, 2023

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Apple Stops Online Sales of Watches 😲

The newest Apple Watch models were no longer available for purchase from the company’s website as of about 3 p.m. Thursday in New York. The company previously said it would end sales at its about 270 physical retail stores in the US on Dec. 24

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Stripe Swings to a Profit as Business Rebounds 🤑

Payments giant Stripe, a bellwether of the startup world, kept a lid on spending for engineers and salespeople this year after business slowed in 2022. Now it’s reaping the benefits: as revenue growth has re-accelerated, it’s making money again.

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Tencent Leads $80 Billion Rout as China Rekindles Crackdown Fear 🙋

Tencent Holdings Ltd. led an $80 billion selloff in some of China’s biggest online names, after the surprise imposition of new gaming curbs revived fears Beijing may again be targeting the country’s giant internet sector.

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2024 Halving Date ETA: April 12, 2024

🚨 Important News This Week

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  • Fujitsu speeds aircon deal, sees AI helping ¥700 billion sales

  • Large AI training data set removed after study finds child abuse material

  • UK top court rejects patents for two inventions birthed by AI

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  • Tesla Acquires Land for Shanghai Megapack Battery Factory

  • Blue Origin, looking to buy rocket firm United Launch Alliance

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  • Nike sinks 12% after it slashes sales outlook

  • IRS Offers Deal to Employers Who Regret Claiming Pandemic Tax Credit

  • White House Says $14.1 Billion U.S. Steel Sale Deserves Serious Scrutiny

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  • Coinbase secures crypto license in France

  • Solana Nears $100 as Meme Coin Frenzy Continues to Drive Rally

  • Stablecoin Issuer Circle Conditionally Registered for Digital Asset Services in France

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💰 Notable Companies Secure Impressive Investments

  • Tap Protocol has raised $4.2M in a funding round backed by Animoca Brands and others

  • Metis [METIS] has introduced its $120M Ecosystem Development Fund

  • Wynd Network has raised $3.5M in a Seed funding round

  • Formless has raised $2.2M in a Pre-Seed funding round backed by a16z CSS

  • Web3mine has raised $6M in a Seed funding round led by 1kx

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